Our Family…

You may have seen our home and GIGANTIC pumpkin display online. You also might have stumbled across it in person while wandering the streets of Woodstock. And if you dared to put a foot on our steps or touch one of the pumpkins, we’re pretty sure that our Leonberger Veda scared the bejesus out of you with her extra loud bark. 😂 Well, this is us! We’re House & Dog!



There’s a lot to say about this guy right here, but we’ll leave it at this: He’s the best.



Nikki is a yoga teacher, writer, aromatherapy student, level 1 reiki practitioner, music listener, and wannabe vegan chef.



(AKA Raj, Raji, Raji-moto, Babba, Bobo, Mr. Rajas, Waji)

I mean, this boy… He’s 115lbs of pure love. He enjoys nothing more than to sit on feet and laps, to snuggle next to you while watching movies (and by next to you, we mean ON TOP of you 😂), and to snooze in bed all day long. Like, for real… He sleeps 22+ hours a day. He the happiest, sweetest, snuggliest dog around and he loves his little sister Veda more than anything.



(AKA Ve, Veve, mama, mommy, Punky Brewster, Monkey)

Sweet Veve, she is the silliest, funniest girl we know. She’s the life of the party and has the ability to make even the grumpiest human laugh and smile. She likes to jam her head in between your legs so that you can pet her ears… It’s her signature move. She gives kisses all day long, is very receptive to peoples feelings, and “talks” when she wants to get your attention. Her older brother Raja is her best friend.